As Hobart-based registered BAS agents we can not only do your BAS professionally and on time. We also specialise in managing supplier payments, ensuring your suppliers are paid on time and correctly. Payroll? No problem. Debt collection, we've got you covered.

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As Xero Certified Advisors and Receipt Bank Certified Partners we will bring you massive savings in productivity. Using technology we help our customers save thousands in deductions they would have otherwise missed.

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Dan has been running successful Google and Facebook digital marketing campaigns for years. It's important to get a digital marketing strategist in for a few very good reasons:

  • Google & Facebook will always consume all of your budget. Every penny.
  • In so doing, it's critical to target
    • the right customers,
    • in the right place,
    • at the right times.
  • Having got some click throughs, but did that actually result in new business? Probably not.
  • So, you've got to re-market to the people who clicked but didn't buy.
  • You've got to know when to double down and when to call a campaign a failure.
  • You've got to be able to interpret the campaign data.
  • You've got to understand the touch-point process in this fast moving world, is about 20 impressions before your brand is even vaguely remembered. But how do you know you've hit the same person 20 times? Google and Facebook won't tell you that for privacy reasons and their own business models. So how do you manage that?

Above all else, digital marketing is not cheap, even if you do it yourself. If you don't know what you're doing, you will definitely waste money - best to get an expert. 

Little tip. The facebook 'Boost Post' is a pretty good waste of your money. It's there for people without Digital Marketing skills. 

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Dan has a Masters in Business Administration, and a Bachelor of Information Systems and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He's been running businesses for decades. Dan keenly understands the fundamentals of business: Knowing who your customer is and why your customer will choose you. Dan can help you turn that knowledge into revenue.

Dan can:

  • Model your new business (a.k.a how are you going to make money?)
  • Provide executive market research (a.k.a. are you sure you're competitive or worse at risk of substitution or redundancy?)
  • Conduct market analysis (a.k.a. how much is your business able to make as a percentage of market share?)
  • Provide guidance on IP considerations (should you patent?). Dan managed a suite of patents in 13 countries for decades, he know's his stuff.
  • Draw up business plans (a.k.a. what other people will want to see from you)
  • Draw up marketing plans (a.k.a how are you going to reach your customer?)
  • Advise you on the things you haven't thought of yet.

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Providing business advice, creatively designing business solutions is not delivering solutions. For that, you've got to plan, execute, monitor with regular followups and review. Having managed over $15M+ in multi-year projects and qualified by his Masters of Business Administration, Bachelor of Information Systems Majoring in Management of Information Systems, and as a Certified Scrum Product Owner; Dan and his associates can not only see a project through from start to finish.

Dan and his associates also have a great deal of experience entering project management roles late in the project to fix the mistakes of previous project owners (or often lack thereof). Dan will get the job done.

Dan is experienced with a variety of projects including: Software Development, Marketing, Product Launches, Rebranding, Policy, Business Process Reengineering, Change Management, Health Projects and much more. Talk to Dan about your business project today.

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 Dan is one of the few people who can solve problems that require expertise across both business and technology. He is able to employ a bulldozer or a scalpel with equal dexterity depending on the problem at hand. Dan also has a remarkable ability to grasp the essence of a business case or an in-depth technology solution in next to no time. I have no reservations in highly recommending Dan as a highly skilled and experienced operator in the Information Technology business.— Aaron Clauson
 Daniel is a rare mix of clever technologist blended with visionary entrepreneur, understanding not only the creation of a product, but its path to market, protection strategy and value proposition. I am very impressed with both his academic work and his work with Neotech, having him as part of the post graduate cohort was one of those satisfying moments when you have a student that is a knowledge collaborator, and offers the class a significant contribution.— Polly McGee
 I have had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Daniel Harrison over the past two years. Throughout this period of time I have found Daniel to be an exceptionally strong and creative business manager with equally strong people and technology skills. In particular I’ve been thoroughly impressed with Daniel’s immense capacity to drive business innovation with his passion for technology. Solutions Daniel has architected have been of enterprise caliber in terms of both business value-adding and technical feasibility, scalability, availability, redundancy and performance. I’ve also been impressed by Daniel’s visionary & strategic thinking which he channels effectively into precise and well-articulated business plans. Daniel also has the passion, energy and character to engage others in the vision, stakeholders and team members alike, to drive the vision forwards— Vern Bell
 I have contracted for Dan for 7 years, during that time i’ve found him to be a visionary leader, diligent manager and highly creative in developing solutions to both business and technical products. I be happy to endorse Dan.— Andrey Chekanov

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